Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh Martha! | Martha Stewart Home Office Discbound Notebooks Review

I had been meaning to make a funtastic video to talk about the Martha Stewart Home Office Discbound Notebooks by Avery. Honestly... If you know me... then you know that I love me some Martha Stewart. I feel like we'd be best friends... but she'd have a much prettier and more cohesively decorated house. We'd sit on our fancy window seats... what are those called anyways(?)... drinking our tea and homemade muffins (that she made because we all know she would make the most amazing stuff)... ahhh... the life...

Oh ya... back on track. So I was given a super amazing opportunity to review the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebooks over the past month and can I tell you something... ITS SOO COOL. I tend to love school supplies... but since I'm not a kid anymore I have moved on to office supplies. I once said in an interview... for a job... for an Administrative Assistant... that my favorite part of my previous jobs as an AA was office supply ordering. I will also tell you that I did not get said Admin job... but I like to think its because they knew I would order sassy and fun office supplies and not the fact that I totally bombed that question. P.S. I dont even know how to appropriately answer that question... My favorite part of being Admin was transcribing notes... or My favorite part of being an Admin was red line edits. Come on... I like to think my answer just added pizzaz!!

Oh... man... off...topic... again...  So yes where were we... Discbound Notebooks... Martha Stewart... Avery... yes... I remember now. While I love traditional notebooks, I think I love this notebook EVEN MORE. For one... I love that I can move around the front papers... you know... the important dates, random facts, etc. to the back. Normally when you get a notebook its either you keep those in the front or you tear them out. I like them. They are very useful, but I dont want to have to skim through 10 pages that I don't need on the daily (see that... that was what cool kids say, right?) just to get to my notes. I want to get there and get there fast. Another one of my favorite things is the ability to remove a sheet of paper from the notebook, and then... wait for it... put it back in. WHAT!!!! Normally, I can tear sheet of paper from my notebook and then its gone. Its the little things people.

Another cool thing... and this does not come with the purchase of a notebook... are the accessories. Personally, I have the task pads and the dividers (which are heaven considering that I dont have to open and close those darn latches that I always get my fingers caught in). I still need to get my hands on the calendar insert, my store only had through 2012 a few months ago and I keep forgetting to get in there before they are all gone again. Surely they'll still have them... its not February yet. ;)

So go on... Go get you one. I should note that I was supplied with the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebooks and accessories, but my love for all things Martha Stewart Office Supplies does not end with these. Oh no. It surely does not. I even have the Binders and accessories for that... which I purchased with my hard earned money, and yes... I do pinch my fingers in the darn latches but its worth it for Martha. And... ya know what? I'd do it again... and probably will. Cause those are cute too. ;)


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