Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Friday - Scarves Edition

Listen here folks. I love me some scarves. I don't know when or where this love started... but I will say its been a fairly recent love letter I started writing.  I'm not one to wear the regular ol' scarves, mostly because I can't figure out how to tie those suckers without looking like a total novice, so I mostly stick to the Infinity scarf.  I went and searched for some scarves that I liked and thought I'd share with you the few favorites that I found, some are are fantastically cheap while others are a bit pricey, I'm looking at you $178 Kate Spade!  I actually already own the first two... but I wanted to include them because they really are my FAVORITE scarves. I'm wearing the blue-ish one now. :)

I'm not really sure if you noticed a trend but I like bright scarves at all times of the year... light and heavy... as long as they're bright then I am happy. :)

1: Leopard Print Infinity Scarf in Leopard from Express $29.90; 2: Leopard Print Infinity Scarf in Sage Mist from Express $29.90;  3: Merona Paint Brush Print Scarf with Border in Red from Target $14.99; 4: Hand in Hand Argyle Scarf from Kate Spade $178.00; 5: Lulu Pointelle & Mix Print Infinity Scarf in Ivory Combo from Nordstroms $20.00; 6: Factory Printed Tissue Scarf in Champagne from J.Crew Factory $29.50; Garden Floral Scarf in Black/Multi from Forever 21 $8.80

Here... I told you I liked scarves!!!

What are your favorite scarves, and where did you get them? I'm on the hunt for a few more. :)

xo, Steph

P.S. The first two scarves from Express are on sale right now for $19.90 so check that out! Wooh!!
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