Thursday, February 21, 2013

Youtube-ing is Totally Tubular

Guess what!?! I've been youtube-ing lately. I've also been crazy busy lately. So I've neglected you blog. I'm sorry. Should I get you flowers? Lets never break up again.

So whats been going on lately?  Um.. I've been working both jobs. FUN! Went to the Dermatologist and had 2 moles removed. Cool! One of them came back as Abnormal, got it removed and now I have stitches. Not Cool! Lost 9 Pounds over the past few weeks. Yippee! I went to MAC and got lots of new makeup. AWESOME! So lots of different things going.

I need to blog more... and to make some new videos. Any suggestions?

Here are a few of my most current videos I've posted.

So ya... that's all. I'll be back soon. I promise... But video making is so fun.

xo, Steph
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