Friday, December 2, 2011

Under Eye Circle Quick Fix Tutorial

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Although this is sponsored all the words and thoughts are my own... especially the goofy ones. You'll see in a few.

We all have those mornings, especially after those holiday parties. We wake up and EWWW we have dark under eye circles. Goodness knows I have them ALL the time. I have found a super awesome way to fix this. I can't take credit for this, not at all, I originally found this tip on Kandee Johnsons blog. She rocks by the way. Its a quick little tutorial so feel free to check it out on Youtube, I think she probably explains the WHY's a bit better but here is my version of it in photographs with my few little quirks and changes that I've made. P.S. I realize that mine aren't crazy bad in the first picture below but they usually are, I just got lucky and had a good amount of sleep the night before.

Step By Steps (day by day... please tell me I'm not the only one who watched that show):

Click to make it bigger if you want to see the detailed shots better of if you want to see my awesome pores.

Step 1: Smile at those under eye circles. (image 1)
Step 2: Find a concealer that you like. Personally, I use the L'Oreal Concealer in C 1-2-3, I prefer it because its not a thick concealer that feels gunky and heavy.
Step 3: Start applying dots, or streaks (image 3 and 4)of your concealer into a triangle from your inner eye going towards your nose then to your outer corner of your eye and then meet back up to the inner corner (see image 4).
Step 4: Blend your concealer into your skin (image 5). I usually blend it a little too much into my upper cheek bone but you will see why in a second.
Step 5: Look at how lovely that looks (image 6 - eye on the left has been worked on but not on the right).  If you use a thicker concealer do what Kandee does and use a second darker concealer over that same triangle to make it blend the color better. Like I said I use the 1 because it is lighter and not super make-upy so on me it looks more natural.
Step 6: Now lets get that concealer to stick, we just did all that work (ya know the 2 seconds to make a triangle and blend) and we want it to have some staying power. So take a sponge and press it onto a powder and press it under your eyes where you just put the concealer (image 7), I blend a little below to keep things matching.
Step 7: Take a little bronzer and a bronzer brush and add a little to under your eyes and into your cheek bones and all over (image 8). I do this to help blend the colors together and I don't look like I have a pale face and look like a Cullen.
Step 8: Grab your blush and blush brush and apply it your cheek and then a little above to kinda blend it a little (image 9). Not too close to your under eyes because you don't want to have red under eyes. That would be weird.
Step 9: Look at your pretty face. Image 10 shows 1 eye fixed (left) and one eye not (right).

Here is why I like doing this, because I can do this super quickly right after lunch and its just something that can be done in a flash. Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one who says that.

That's it. Hope this helps some!

xo, Steph

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