Friday, December 2, 2011

25 days of Christmas - Day 2: DIY Calendar

Diy, Do it yourself, Christmas, calendar, projects

Calendars are like one of my most favorite things ever. I have this bad BAD habit of buying between 4-5 different calendars. When Dave and I got together we combined our calendars, he's just as bad as I am, I swear we had about 10 of them and I'm not even exaggerating, so we decided that since we had no where else to put that we would decorate our entire bedroom with Calendars. We did not have any decorations, just calendars. So we always knew what day it was. Currently in my office I have 5, 2 hanging, 2 daily and 1 day planner dealy. I'm really bad at changing the daily ones, even bad at changing the monthly but by the 15th I've usually gotten tired of looking at the tiny calendar in the corner of the previous month that I change it and then the cycle continues. So when I get the chance to be crafty with my calendars I am excited. Monthly I get this printable calendar email from Scout Creative, but I never put them together because I'm at work and I don't have glue. Well people... this month was MY month, I didn't have glue but I didn't care. I printed that bad boy off and swore up and down, crossed my heart that I was going to do this calendar and it was going to look great.... WELL.... I'm not so sure that it turned out quite like theirs, but it turned out at least. Oh and they do these calendars monthly so sign up for their newsletter cause its fun to get these in your inbox.

Here is what you need:

  • Print off the Scout Creative Monthly calendar found here.
  • Scissors
  • Glue (probably a glue stick and not tape like I did)
  • Nimble fingers

Then follow the instructions that are on the print out. First of all, I'd recommend not using tape like I did. I swore I could get away with it. You can't. Now you know. Second, you should probably learn what Mountain fold and Valley fold mean. I didn't, I just folded it where ever I wanted. Probably not a good idea. Thirdly, is thirdly even a word (?), don't get discouraged when your fat fingers can't make the tape stick. Its normal I bet, but you shouldn't have the problem if you follow my first tip. Thats all my tips for you, here are some pictures I took while doing it over my lunch break the other day. There aren't many photos cause I made this on a whim and self timer on my phone = not so good and easy to work.

Diy, Do it yourself, Christmas, calendar, projects
Cut Cut Cut...

Diy, Do it yourself, Christmas, calendar, projects
Fold Fold Fold
Diy, Do it yourself, Christmas, calendar, projects
Nutcracker Head and Crown

Diy, Do it yourself, Christmas, calendar, projects
All finished... Now can I go eat my greek yogurt?

This is where it will live till the end of December... Or the middle of January.

xo, Steph

P.S. This isn't a sponsored post. I'd tell you if it was, its just a cool freebie project. Fun for the holidays.

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