Friday, August 10, 2012

OH MY GOSH! Beverly Hills 90210 makes my heart sing!

O.M.G. People. I almost peed my pants with my 90's youth screams because of how amazing this is. Ok. Thats not true. I didn't actually scream... or pee my pants. But I DID get super giddy when this Old Navy Beverly Hills 90210 commercial aired on my T.V. LAST.NIGHT.. I don't know if I'm behind the times with this commercial but it was the bestest! The BESTEST I just said!  Oh and anyone else think Jason Priestley is still a babe! He's SMOKIN!  I swear. We are going to get married and have babies. Cute little babies. Sorry hubs!


So after watching this commercial it reminded me of my youth. Oh to be young again. Anyway. Wanna see an old school photo of me and my bestie? You know it!  Here you go world. This was Junior Homecoming. My grandma Faye bought me this dress and I wore it like the fancy princess I was born to be. I had the worst hair ever. I don't know who thought this was cute. I know I was mortified when I saw it and thought it look like poop on my head. Yep. I said it. No need for you to say it. Hehe... Needless to say... I hated my hair but I had so much fun with my best friends in the world, most of whom I'm still great friends with, especially that girl (best friends for 15 years now, woot! woot!) and had a fun night with my date. Oh to be young again. :)

Junior Homecoming, cute, poofy dress, 2000, Yucaipa, YHS, Yucaipa High School

xo, Steph

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